Hunting Ranch


Helmi Günzel, the father of Tobias Günzel, the present farm-owner, decided in 1957 to leave school. At that time, Ovisume was acquired and Helmi made farming his joy of life. Ovisume used to be a cattle farm. In 1975 Helmi could finally begin to materialize his dream by re-introducing extinct endemic game once again and to restore the land into its original natural state. Otjimavare-Süd became available before the independence of Namibia and was purchased to increase the original farm that consisted of Ovisume only, to its current size. After a lot of time and effort had been compassionately expended, Ovisume was transformed into what it is and can offer today - a small paradise.

Tobias Günzel, one of two sons of Helmi and Suse Günzel, was born in the year 1968. After the death of his father Helmi in the year 2004, Tobias took on the leadership of the farm and the hunting business and continues both in the way and sense of his father's. Tobias Günzel, a Master Hunting Guide, is supported from time to time also by other professional hunters.

A new lodge was build on Ovisume between the years 2009 and 2011. The lodge is on the banks of the Omaramba Omatako which is a dry river. This means that the hunter can experience the nature and the beautiful sunrise in the morning while he is in the hunting area or he can observe game at sunset. With excellent food, good accommodation and a relaxed ambiance, you the hunter or the non-hunting guest or the non-hunting companion will feel at home in the wild.

Enjoy an extraordinary retreat vastly different from your everyday life and disappear into an unforgettable and intensive experience in serene nature. Let yourself be inspired by Namibia's grand beauty and uniqueness of its fauna and flora. The sunsets with their beautiful variety of colours and the immeasurable skies with their innumerable number of stars supported by the animal noise of the African nights are incomparable. The large variety of species and the unfathomable wideness of the landscape open unlimited possibilities to the hunter.

Our love of nature will always motivate us to protect this beautiful piece of land for future generations. We would like to share this spark of excitement with you and provide you with an unforgettable hunting experience.



Hunting area and region:

  • Area: 150.000 hectares huntable
  • Season: 1. February until 30. November

The Hunting ranch and hunting area is situated approximately 450 km / 280 miles north-east of Windhoek, bordering Hereroland and not far from the Etosha National Park. To hunt the occurring game species, it is not necessary to travel to another ranch. The terrain is plane and also very ideal for older hunters. The thorn bush-savanna is divided by the dry Omuramba Omatako River; a fascinating and grandiose scenery. Hunting is done either by stalking or from one of the many lookout points.

How to get there:

There are two routes to be taken to the area. One is a bit shorter but requires more gravel road driving. The roads are however in good condition. It is recommended to phone before traveling to the Hunting Ranch.

1. From Windhoek you take the (B1) for 70 km to Okahandja from Okahandja you have to take the (B1) for 178 km towards Otjiwarongo than with the same (B1) for 110 km to Otavi. At Otavi you have to turnoff with the(B8) to Grootfontein for 96 km. When passing through Grootfontein on the main road towards Rundu, you will get Bank Windhoek on your left hand side and then you must turn in to the right at the next turn-off towards the Grootfontein Airport. From the turn-off you follow the road for 6 km until you get a turn-off to the left, indicating the (D2836) road which will bring you after 54 km to the Entrance of Ovisume, here you have to turn left and after 7 km you will reach us. (~ 560 km/347 miles)

2. From Windhoek you take the (B1) for 70 km to Okahandja. From Okahandja you have to take the (B1) for 148 km towards Otjiwarongo approximately 28 km before Otjiwarongo you will get a turn-off to your right indicating C22 towards Okakarara. When coming to Okakarara you stay on the tar road, which will end approximately 6 km after Okakarara. You will stay on this road the (C42) for approximately 100km until you reach the village of Okongoro. At Okongoro you turn left and follow the (D2836) road which will bring you after 11 km to the entrance of Ovisume, here you have to turn tight and after 7 km you will reach us. (~ 450 km/280 miles)

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